Agenda items
Number Description Department
26/2019 2019 Non Union Pay Scale Details
25/2019 Law Enforcement Staffing Sheriff Details
23/2019 2019 Fee Schedule Administrator Details
24/2019 Highway Department Trailer Public Works Details
22/2019 Designate Official Publication of Advertisement for Bids Public Works Details
21/2019 MnDOT Cooperative Maintenance Agreement Public Works Details
20/2019 Avera Contract Sheriff Details
19/2019 Surplus Equipment Sheriff Details
18/2019 Permission to Seek Bids Public Works Details
17/2019 Area II letter of support for increased funding Administrator Details
16/2019 Southern Minnesota Tourism Association Administrator Details
15/2019 Elected out of State Travel Policy Administrator Details
14/2019 Fairgrounds Camping Parks Details
13/2019 Elect chair for 2019 Administrator Details
12/2019 P&Z/SWCD/Ditch Department Update Planning and Zoning Details
11/2019 MACC Transportation Invoice Administrator Details
10/2019 ResQZone Update Public Works Details
9/2019 Snow Cat Offer to Purchase Public Works Details
8/2019 Closed for union negotiations Administrator Details
7/2019 Extension Technical Assistant II position Administrator Details
6/2019 Lyon County Museum Administrator Details
5/2019 Aquatic Invasive Species Boat Purchase Public Works Details
4/2019 Sergeant Deputy Hire Sheriff Details
2/2019 Correctional Officer Hire Sheriff Details
3/2019 Application for Repurchase of Tax Forfeited Property Auditor-Treasurer Details
1/2019 Russell Police Contract Sheriff Details
280/2018 2019 Liquor License Renewal - Saratoga Archery Club Auditor-Treasurer Details
279/2018 Transfers Between Drainage Systems Auditor-Treasurer Details
278/2018 Designation of Depositories & Authorization of Auditor/Treasurer to Make Investments of Funds Auditor-Treasurer Details
277/2018 Authorize Auditor/Treasurer to Pay Certain Claims Auditor-Treasurer Details